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This will be the last official post of The Excavators Poker as you know it.
All materials of the club are stocked at Gil`s Patrick`s and Rin`s, until further notice.
This site will be online until our host wants the new contribution for the next year.
Player-Members who want to continue the Club with a same sort of championship / setup as you are used to of The Excavators, can get in contact with Gil Rin or Patrick.
Untill then Rin and Patrick decided to organize once or twice a year a small tournament to stay in contact with the old Members / Players of the Excavators Poker.
So RNP Poker was born.
RNP Poker will organize the tournaments in cooperation with The Excavators Poker asbl.
who is RNP Poker..... Rin and Patrick Poker Luxembourg, we are 2 Board-members of the Excavators Poker.
If you want to stay in contact with the old members / players of the Excavators Poker and see when the Excavators Reunion Tournaments are held, like our page on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RNPPOKER/
“See you at the tables!” Cheers!!
Rin and Patrick.

IPO Dublin 2018

After a great weekend in Dublin, playing the International Poker Open in Dublin, we are back home again. We went up there with 8 players from Luxembourg, T. Meres got 19th place of the 780 something players. Very good result, congrats T.! He also got a nice experience playing next to Mick McCloskey, to bad I couldn`t get closer to get a better picture. For an impression of the weekend see the movie on Facebook, click here! 

Sepp, who went with us for the 1st time, did good at the Cash games and had a great time in Dublin also.

I met Nick O`Hara which is organizing the IPO now for the 2nd year and I also met Stephen Mc Lean who organized the IPO before. I thanked them both, out of the name of our club for the years they supported our club. Nick brought some new ideas to the IPO festival and our group really enjoyed the weekend, the setup of the Tournaments and the Beer-Shot pong on Saturday. THANKS AGAIN!! Further we want to thank all the Dealers, the Staff and everybody who makes the IPO possible!

This was the last time I represented our club at the IPO, but I am sure it won`t be my last time that I will be joining this great festival, The IPO Dublin!

See you next year!

Rin Krak

The Excavators Poker asbl


Carine aka Bonnie takes down THE BIG BANG

Carine aka Bonnie takes down THE BIG BANG 2018!

We started The Big Bang with 58 players at 14.00 hour and the last hand was played at 00.45. Four players did not show up without any notification :(. Nevertheless the prize-pool was, with the extra add-on of the club, a whopping €4400,- First prize was €1320,-  The first half of the tournament we played levels of 25 minutes and after the dinner break we had levels of 30 minutes. It was a nice structure to play.

The Final table started 23.00 hour, with Carine already as massive chip-leader. When there were 4 players left they made a deal, chip-leader Carine got €1150,- and the other 3 , Ranga "The One" Markus Leichter and Christian Mauer all got €700,- not bad for a buy-in of 50,- on a Saturday! Congrats to all! The 4 decided to play on, the first one who was sent to the rail was Markus followed by Christian.

The last hand between Ranga "The One" and Carine aka Bonnie...... Pre-flop no action, flop A-K-J, Ranga went all-in with K-8 and got called after a while with J-2.... Turn another J hits the board, the river brought a 3 but that didn`t change anything. So The One got 2nd place, not bad after his break of a few years of playing and Bonnie got first place!! Congrats and well done all!!

What happens now with the Excavators Poker?? All our materials are held by Gil, Patrick and Rin. If Player-Members, who don`t own a club their selves, want to continue the club than they can contact us by the known phone-numbers. Excavators Poker Site, we don`t know how long our site will be online anymore, all further announcements will be made on our Facebook page, if you want to stay in contact and if you want to know the latest updates. Our Facebook page is  https://www.facebook.com/THE-EXCAVATORS-POKER-233623760259/

Further we want to thank all our Player Members, Supporting Members and regular players for all the nice evenings we had together.

A "BIG THANK YOU" to all our Sponsors, who supported us all those years, without you it was not possible to give such nice prizes to our players!

and ofcourse a "BIG BIG THANK YOU" to all our Board-members who put a lot of effort and energy into all the Tournaments we organized during the last Ten years! THANKS AGAIN!!

Click here for an Impression of The Big Bang

Click here for photo`s of The Big Bang

The Excavators Poker ASBL


Blasters 2018

THE BIG BANGBlasters 2018,

Is the event to inform our members how we did last season and what is planned for next season.

13 Members, of which 3 Board-members and one regular player showed up for our yearly members meeting. We discussed the results of last season and the books with the administration were checked and were found "All in Order".

Further we discussed about how to go on with the club, this after the announcement of the current Board-members,  that we were looking for a complete new Board, this was last June. 2 Player-Members stepped forward to join e new Board. Decided is, for the moment, there are no plans to start a new Championship, that all preparations for a new Championship are set on "HOLD". We as the current Board-members will organize one more tournament "The Big Bang"  The Club will add € 1500,- to the prize-pool. There will be some money left in the bank, to pay for the bills from the Excavators site, the bank and Registre du Commerce Luxembourg. Everybody of the current Board-members will resign after The Big Bang. The 3 founders who are left of the original Excavators, will "run" the asbl on paper  and our names will be given forward to the RDC. So the ASBL The Excavators Poker will still exist and we will still have the possibility to organize a Tournament, if we want to. All the material of the club, like tables, chips etc, will be stocked by the 3 founders. Gil and Rin gave their word, that if there is a new Board formed anyway, that they would give their support to the new board-members. But they both made very clear that they will not be active as a board-member if a new Board is formed.

The BIG BANG - € 1500,- added in prize-pool!!

Who can join THE BIG BANG? : Pre-registration, for one month, for all Player-Members and Supporting- Members, click here to check!

after that month is passed, all the Players that are on the Ranking-list 217-2018 with a positive saldo have the possibility to register click here to check

P.S. Send an E-mail with first name and family name, Nicknames that are not known by the Board will be refused with no notice!!!!

After the yearly members meeting we played a small Bounty Tournament, where there was a deal between the 5 last players. All the attending players got 10,- from the club to drink something, the players who reached the final table got even an extra ticket for drinks.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all our sponsors for their support, without our sponsors it is not possible to give away such great prizes to our winners. Further we thank all the Player-Members, Supporting Members and Players, for all the great evenings filled with poker and banter. And of-course we thank all the Board-members for their extra effort this season to run / organize all the tournaments in a good way!


The Excavators Poker ASBL 15-07-2018   

Kevin Fernandes takes down Mystery 2018

Kevin Fernandes takes down the Mystery 2018!

We started 10 minutes later as planned, we wanted to give the players who were registered the possibility to start the game with a full stack. Once again 3 players did not show up without any notice! So much for respecting the other players and the board-members! We started the tournament with 33 players, first prize was good for €610,-

Tournament Mystery 2018 with "Second Life" set-up. Everyone who was busted from the tournament got either the start-stack back to play with or 10 times the Big-Blind.

When the final table started at 22.00 only 3 players still had their 2nd life ticket. It was Kevin who did not use his 2d life ticket at all. He took the tournament down, after the 3 last players made a deal. The deal was made at 00.10 hour.

Markus and Christiane, they both had about the same stack, to let lady luck decide who got 2nd and 3rd place. Lady luck was sitting this time on Christiane`s shoulder and she got 2nd.

Results : 

1 Kevin Fernandes 1 €610.00 + Trophy
2 Christiane Kesch 2 €396.00 + Trophy
3 Markus Leichter 3 €288.00 + Trophy
4 Veronique Vigilant Nizet 4 €165.00 
5 Jean Schroeder 5 €107.00 
6 Vitor Simoes 6 €82.00 

Next week we will be back for our yearly members meeting The Blasters. The meeting starts at 14.00 hour. After the meeting we will run a small tournament or sit and go`s.

The Excavators Poker



Breaking Excavators News!!

Breaking NEWS!!

The Board-members of The Excavators Poker asbl have the following announcement to make:

After 10 years organizing and running The Excavators Poker ASBL, the whole Board decided to step down the moment a new Board is formed! Giving the next generation a chance to continue the work! We will only step down, when a new capable Board is formed! We think the new

Board has to consist of a minimum of 5, ideal would be a team of 7 !

Player-Members can apply for Board-Member send an e-mailto: info@the-excavators-poker.com The current Board-members will decide who can join the Board or run for Board-member. If more than 7 Player-Members apply for the Board, than Player-members will vote who will be installed

into the Board. Installing the new Board or voting for the new Board will be done at the yearly meeting The Blasters 14-7-2018.

Are You are a Player-Member?

1-You bought something in our shop,

2- You attended a minimum of 4 EPC tournaments this season.

Check the current Player-Members list on our site!

We did our best to update the Player-Member list, if we missed someone, please get in contact via info@the-excvators-poker.com

Out of respect to the Founders of the Excavators Poker we ask Player-members who have an own Poker-Club or organize tournaments themselves, not to apply for Board-member.

Apply for Board-member until 25th of June!

p.s. To make things absolutely clear for everybody, We will close the club down, if there is no new Board formed.

The Board of The Excavatos Poker asbl  

Patrick Ditsch takes down the EPC Luxembourg Final 2018, the best of the best!

After that our President of the club Kik Schincariol, also one of the founders of The Excavators Poker, handed over the trophies for the places 1 till 3 of the Excavators Poker Championship Luxembourg of season 2017 - 2018 we could start our tournament The Excavators Poker Luxembourg Final 2018.

The tournament was set-up with a relaxed structure, we had a start stack of 30.000 and levels were set at 30 minutes. With the extra added prize money of € 1000,- it was a tournament a lot of players would not want to miss. This year only 4 of the 36 qualified players couldn`t come over to play and the next 4 on the ranking list were asked to play. 

We started our EPC Final Tournament at 14.08 and the last hand was dealt at 01.00 ;) The last 2 players in the tournament, Laurent Debruge and Patrick Ditsch,  played both a very decent heads-up and both wanted to go for the win! But in the end it was Patrick who took it down with pocket pair tens and Laurent was busted at 2nd. No deal was made and pay-out was as it was published on-line.

We want to thank all our sponsors, without your contribution it is not possible to organize tournaments which such nice prizes. A BIG THANK YOU !

Further want to thank the staff of the Brasserie Benelux, for the great service, for the great atmosphere and the help you offered!

Also we want to thank all the Board-members who showed up and helped out, even if they weren`t qualified!

Results of The EPC Final 2018,-

1 Patrick "the Patch" Ditsch 1 €925,-
2 Laurent Debruge 2 €670,-
3 Winfried Scraphand Meseke 3 €490,-
4 Sam Hilger 4 €390,-
5 Claudio Di Ronco "ronkonen" 5 €75,-
6 Claus Keller 6 €75,-
7 Patrick "the Iceman" Roilgen 7 €75,-
8 Sandro Rosselli 8 €50,-
9 Gianluca Verbeeck 9 €50,-

The Excavators Poker 03-06-2018

Giuseppe Soffio Excavators Champion Luxembourg Champion `17-`18

Giuseppe Soffio is the new EPC Luxembourg Champion of Season 2017-2018!! Eight tournaments were played in Strassen Luxembourg this season to determine who would be the next Excavators Poker Luxembourg Champion of season 2017-2018. The seven best results were counted for the ranking.
Giuseppe reached 4 times the Final table, one time he got 1st place, one time a 2nd, 8th and a 9th place during the Championship. In the end he had a total of 394 points and that was enough for him to take it down! With his last result he overtook Markus Leichter who was leading the overall ranking for a long time. Markus got 2nd place with 347 points and on 3rd place Fränz Neizen (well done!!, in last season`s ranking 2nd) Fränz got 331 points.

The Excavators Poker congratulates all players!!

Giuseppe won:
- The EPC Luxembourg 1st place 2017-2018 trophy, which will be handed over to him at the Excavators Poker Final 2018 the 2nd of June by a member of the board.
- a free entry ticket for The Excavators Poker Final 2018
- a free entry ticket for The Excavators Mystery of 2018- and a package worth 750,- euro`s (or 50% cash, see rules) to play the International Poker Open IPO2018 (news about the IPO will come soon) in Dublin Ireland, Europe's largest poker tournament. Organized by Nick O'Hara Poker Ireland

Markus and Fränz also will receive a trophy, a freeroll to play our Final and a freeroll to play our Mystery of 2018

The 36 best players will be invited to play the EPLC Final the 2nd of June in Strassen Luxembourg at the Brasserie Benelux, start 14.00 hour (check-in at 13.30) (For the players who will use a very late registration, very late reg is 4 levels a 30 minutes = +/- 16.00 hour)

Thanks to sponsors of this season we can add an extra €1000,- to the prize-pool of the Final, A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors!

The Excavators Poker

Christiane Kesch wins EPC event nr8!

We started our 8th EPC Luxembourg tournament of season 2017-2018 with 63 players. A few players got blacklisted because they did not show, they got minus five points in the overall ranking. The Board decided that they will be blacklisted for the Mystery tournament of 2018.

We had a prize-pool of € 2835,- 1st prize was € 910,-  Players decided that place 9 would get his buy-in back. We started the tournament at 18.30 and the last hand was dealt 01.35 hour. Christiane Kesch played very strong the whole tournament and had a mega stack when there were just 3 players left. Christiane with her mega stack and Andy Cremmer and Tom Wiltzius with a more or less  same stack decided to make a deal. Christiane gave up 100,- from the first prize and Andy and Tom splitted the rest, There was 10,- left for the dealer! thanks for that, very much apreciated guys! and thanks for dealing at the final table Claudio. We thank all the players who attended at this great evening, the boardmembers who helped out on this evening and the staff of the Brasserie Benelux for the great service!

Results : 1st Christiane Kesch, 2nd Andy Cremmer, 3rd Tom Wiltzius, 4th Daniel Klassen, 5th Patrick "the Patch" Ditsch, 6th Thomas "Elephantom" Flammang, 7th Jeff Kirsch, 8th Soffio Giuseppe and 9th Laurent Debruge. 

Click here for the overall ranking of the EPC Luxembourg.

The best 36 players of the overall ranking will receive an invitation e-mail to play our EPC Final. At the prize-pool of the Final the club will add an extra €1000,-, thanks to our sponsors!!

For all Photos of the EPC Luxembourg event 8 2017-2018 visit our Gallery on Facebook.


20-05-2018 The Excavators Poker 

Andy Cremmer takes down EPC Luxembourg event 7

We started our Excavators Poker Championship Luxembourg event nr7 with 63 players. We started the tournament at 18.32, the last hand was played 02.30 Eight players didn`t show up or did not cancel their bookings on time, they will be blacklisted for the next tournament! The members of the board do their utmost best to get 72 players in the game to create the highest prize-pool possible. It shows of disrespect to the Boardmembers and to the other Players if you do not unregister according the rules. Everybody can read the rules about "no shows" on our site, including rules for "Late check-in" all explained in 3 languages. We hope all the players enjoyed the evening, even after the strange start because of the no-shows, further we want to thank all the people who helped out!.

The last 9 players decided to give the Bubble 60,- the total Prize-pool was €2835,- The final table started at 01.10 hour and the last hand was dealt at 02.30 The 3 last players in the game, Sascha Schaub, Andy Cremmer and Giuseppe Soffio decided to play on for 20 more minutes. But then they all got dealt nice hands by Nordine (thanks for dealing Nordine) and one after the other announced an All-In. Giuseppe moved his chips to the middle with A-Q of clubs, Sascha followed with K-J and Andy shoved with A-K of hearts. The board showed 2-2-9, turn 3 and the river 5. Andy won with high cards A-K. Congrats to all players who made it in the money, well played!    

Results : 1st Andy Cremmer, 2nd Giuseppe Soffio and 3rd Sascha Schaub.

Markus Leichter is still leading the overall ranking of the Excavators Poker Championship Luxembourg with 342 points, followed by Giuseppe Soffio with 338 points and at third place Fraenz with 313 points. (Note to all, your worst result in the ranking-list will be deleted at the end of the Season). The last event of the EPC Luxembourg Championship will show who is going to be the Champion of 2017-2018, everything is possible!

The overall winner of the EPC, the EPC Champion Luxembourg, wins

This season we managed to get enough sponsor money and the IPO Package will include money for the hotel and plane flight too!
This year's estimated prize-pool of the IPO is €250.000-300.000,- Click here to go to the official IPO 2018 site for all information!

Click here for the overall ranking of the EPC Luxembourg season 2017-2018.

Registration of the next EPC Luxembourg tournament opens at 08.00 Monday morning. 

For all Photos of the EPC Luxembourg event No.07 2017-2018 visit our Gallery on Facebook. 

22-04-2018 The Excavators Poker